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About Biz With A Good Name


Biz With A Good Name serves under the umbrella ministry of The Marketplace Ambassador Initiative and operates in the South Georgia and North Florida area. Our team serves as a family and since our organization opened its doors in 2009, we’ve treated every customer like the family member they are in Christ. The funds from this organization go towards ministries in our local area and missions trips to other countries. Our mission is to advance the Kingdom of God through the marketplace. Our purpose is to bring believers in workplace environments together to serve in collaboration in penetrating their areas of ministry. We hope the following questions and answers will help you to further understand our purpose. Interested in learning more?


Why should I list my business with Biz With A Good Name?


It is important for us in the marketplace to stand together for Christ. The public needs to know that you are someone that can be trusted and that you are a business which has quality, value and integrity as some of your core values. Our role is to be the medium which brings businesses with A Good Name together with people who are looking for them.


What other benefits are available through membership with Biz With A Good Name?
Join one of our groups of business leaders meeting weekly at breakfast or lunch. This venue provides opportunities to gain biblical business insight, network and pray with other Believers in Business. Further opportunities to market your product/service throughout the year. Trusted Advisors Groups which involve accountability and confidentiality for the business leader who is willing to commit to growing their business in a biblical manner.


How will the public know about this website?
Through an assertive marketing strategy, many unique first time visitors view our website each month. Our Printed Directory, The Catalyst (5,000 copies yearly) is available through Churches, Ministries and our Member’s Businesses. The Catalyst is also in online format linked through this site. Click Here


What is the fee for partnering with Biz With A Good Name?
Listing and an Ad in this website and our magazine, The Catalyst, begins annually. Non Profits & Churches begin at $120 annually.


How does the community benefit by Biz With A Good Name?
We are serving the community by making them aware of who you are and letting you know where the consumers are who are seeking to do business with someone with the same core values. We also provide resources to equip the Believer in Ministry in the Workplace.


How does a business / organization join BIZ With A Good Name?


There are three simple steps:

1) Endorse our Client Confession of Faith:

“I have trusted Christ as my personal savior and I will strive to lead my business in a

scriptural manner.”

2) Fill out the application for membership here and return to address below.

3)  Pay online securely through PayPal. 

or mail check to 210 W. Gordon Street Valdosta, GA 31601

How may I contact someone at A Good Name?


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Because we live in a fallen world, we all experience something negative once in a while. If you should pay for an unacceptable product / service from one of our members, please go to the owner / leader and seek out Biblical reconciliation. If reconciliation is not achieved, we appreciate you letting us know by phone or email . We will take your experience into consideration when renewing them the following year. If we get multiple complaints about a particular member, we will remove them from future directories.