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As we are a Non-Profit organization all of our revenue over cost of operations goes into local ministries. In the year 2013, we went on two mission’s trips. One was to the Amazon. Please click on the video link below to take this tour with us. It was an amazing trip which involved going into the heart of the Amazon and being in the three countries of Colombia, Brazil, and Peru! If you would like to join us on a return visit, please contact us at



The other trip was to the beautiful valley of Constanza, Dominican Republic. Pablo’s Missionary Ministry based in Valdosta has been going to this area for 15 years. We have joined our hearts and hands with the Pastors there. As a ministry we have been blessed in walking with them in seeing two churches built, a Christian school and Bible Seminary which is called the Valdosta Bible Seminary! Our next trip is scheduled for July 12 – 18. Please email for more information.

For 10 years the people met inside this 10X15 building then moved to the outside and then finally God gave them a real building!

Paso_Bajito Bible_Club bldg paso bajito


The pictures above show the Paso Bajito Church. The video below is the story behind the first church built which is called Iglesia Bautista Bella Vista (Beautiful View Baptist Church).

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Because we live in a fallen world, we all experience something negative once in a while. If you should pay for an unacceptable product / service from one of our members, please go to the owner / leader and seek out Biblical reconciliation. If reconciliation is not achieved, we appreciate you letting us know by phone or email . We will take your experience into consideration when renewing them the following year. If we get multiple complaints about a particular member, we will remove them from future directories.