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Since 2009 we have been identifying businesses which have a faith based value perspective in the way they conduct themselves. Please support these businesses as they are men and women of integrity.  Note:  As we live in a fallen world, there is a possibility you might have a negative experience at one of these businesses.  If this happens we encourage you go to the owner/leader and seek reconciliation in a biblical manner.


The churches listed are those who have stated that they partner with us in advancing the Kingdom of God within the marketplace.

Non Profits

We love what the Body of Christ is doing throughout our community.  The Non-Profits listed are those who recognize workplace ministry and choose to to stand with us.


Not everyone is anointed for business.  Not everyone is anointed for church or non-profit leadership.  However, everyone is called to love God and serve Him.  The individuals listed are those who are either employees of our members or simply Individuals who desire to stand for Christ in the marketplace.

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Because we live in a fallen world, we all experience something negative once in a while. If you should pay for an unacceptable product / service from one of our members, please go to the owner / leader and seek out Biblical reconciliation. If reconciliation is not achieved, we appreciate you letting us know by phone or email . We will take your experience into consideration when renewing them the following year. If we get multiple complaints about a particular member, we will remove them from future directories.